Thirteen is Lucky for Some

Tom Chapman, owner of Plainmoor-based Tom Chapman Hair Design is marking thirteen years of being in business with a brand new collection called #Th13teen. To celebrate and to launch the new collection Tom held a party at the Soho Bar in Torquay and is planning to enter the 2015 Hairdresser of the Year Competition.

As well as launching his new collection Tom wanted to use the event to raise money for local charity, Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN). THHN provides free, fun-filled holidays for families who have seriously ill children, families who are bereaved, having lost a child or parent, and families who have a terminally ill parent. The charity was founded and is run by Luke Tillen. Tom said “I cut Luke’s hair and have been really impressed with how THHN has grown over the past few years. The work that Luke and the team do is amazing and, in my year of celebration, I wanted to see how we could help.”

At the #Th13teen launch party Tom held a raffle giving away hairdressing vouchers and products as prizes and raised £168. Luke said “Tom is a great guy and an excellent hairdresser. We wish him lots of luck with his #Th13teen collection and his plans for the year ahead.” He added “This is another example of a local, independent business making the effort to support what THHN does and I am incredibly grateful to Tom, his team and all the businesses who take such an interest in us.” A cheque from the event was presented by Tom to THHN Fundraising Manager, Brian Lewis, and THHN Memory Maker Man.

Tom Chapman Hair Design is in St Marychurch Road and is open daily from 9am to 5.30pm so, if you feel like a new look this new year, or just need a hair cut, pop in and see them or give them a call on 01803 327242. Maybe you’ll be inspired by one of Tom’s thirteen new designs.