Riviera to Riviera Charity Bike Ride

Local spinning instructor, Mark Mallen, and his friend, Chris Halls, are going to cycle from South Devon’s English Riviera all the way to Nice on the French Riviera, to raise money for local charity, Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN). The THHN gives free holidays to families who have seriously ill and bereaved children, recently bereaved families, couples who have lost a child and to families who have a terminally ill parent. It has been up and running for nearly five years, in which time the charity has provided nearly 400 holidays to those in desperate need of a break.

The duo will set off on 18 May and plan to cycle the 770 miles in just a week. Training has been mainly on the English Riviera and has been fairly tough. Mark says “Inevitably you get various injuries when doing this amount of training. But with a long-distance ride like this it’s as much of a mental challenge as a physical one. You ride 110 miles a day, and have to prepare yourself to do that again the next day and the next and the next.” He added “We’ve received great support from everyone and would especially like to thank GallifordTry, Royal Mail, Spinnergy, Winners Gym and all our families and friends.” Mark and Chris will be accompanied on the trip by Mark’s son who will be driving the motorhome as support vehicle, and home, for the week along with Mark’s wife Jan.

Mark and Chris, Riviera to Riviera

Last year Mark undertook a 12-hour marathon spinning session to raise money for the THHN but had already had the idea of the Riviera to Riviera ride. The route will take them through some spectacular scenery but quite how much of it they will be able to enjoy remains to be seen. The two men have set up Just Giving pages at www.justgiving.com/chrisandmarkR2R and www.justgiving.com/markandchrisR2R and, if anyone would like to sponsor them on this trip, they’d be really grateful.

For more information about the THHN go to www.thhn.co.uk