Winning link for the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network

For many years, Babbacombe hotelier Luke Tillen has been a member of the Winners 2000 Clubs.  The relationship between them has now extended to Winners 2000 becoming huge supporters of the charity that Luke founded four years ago, the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network (THHN).

Simon Jeffrey, owner of Winners 2000, said “It has always been part of our mission statement to help the community and everyone who is on our team understands that.  We have over 3000 members, each of whom is working out at our gyms regularly, and we want them all to have the chance to enjoy helping other people who are less fortunate than themselves.  Luke has been a member at our clubs for years.  He’s a great person and is working so hard to achieve the goals the charity has set.  We want to do whatever we can to help him reach those goals.”

That support takes a number of different forms.  All the Winners 2000 clubs now sell THHN t-shirts which not only raise vital funds but help raise awareness too and this year’s Torbay Half Marathon will see around 25 club members running for the THHN.  Simon is keen for the club to have a long-term relationship with the THHN and is hoping to have regular events each year where members can take part in a gym challenge or outside event and gain sponsorship to help raise money.

Winners 2000 team pic

Luke says “Our partnership with Winners 2000 is such an important one. The guys at the clubs have been so helpful to me in many ways.  Simon has personally helped me with all my complex training plans so that I can take part in the various running events that I have planned. Simon has also been a huge influence in me setting up the charity.  I have trained with Simon for many years and he has installed a mindset of self belief and achievement and this has carried me through setting up the charity. He really is a great guy and makes a huge difference to people’s lives – mine included. Since I set up the THHN Winners have been very supportive and really play a big part in helping us spread the word about the THHN’s work as well as encourage their members to support the THHN.  The fact that they have got so many members to run in the Torbay Half Marathon for us this year is a classic example of their incredible support.”

To find out more about the THHN and Winners 2000 visit the THHN website at or find either organisation on Facebook.